A Full Service Construction Company

Tom formed Structure Homes to create a Homebuilding process where everyone is a winner.
The level of QUALITY and EQUITY built into every project protects the investment and leaves an enduring structure that outperforms the competition. Every detail is questioned to achieve the best job possible!
The process of building is handled with contracts and change orders throughout the project to keep the information flowing to all parties to be fair, balanced and efficient. This helps with quality control and scheduling. Please call us if you have any questions and we look forward to working with you!
Structure Homes strives to use the best materials possible for each job.
Company performs inspection checklist/Quality Control Checkpoints for Footing/Masonry/Framing/Trim/Final Walk-through.
Professional Installations for windows/doors/Low-E insulated glass.
We build in future equity in EVERY home to protect the buyers' investment.

Thank you for your interest!!
Structure Homes