We spoke with Structure Homes Inc.(SHI), as well as 3 other builders, when seeking a contractor for our 3-phase renovation project. Although we secured pricing on the overall project as well as phase 1, we were clear that we were only progressing with Phase 1 at the time. (we wanted to assess capabilities and timing before locking in on the overall, complex project). Our priority was to find a contractor who was honest, experienced/skilled, dependable, and willing to be flexible with us in terms of timing so that we could complete the portions of the job that we were taking on. I found SHI to be that and much more. The bottomline is that we were so impressed with Tom andl and the work that SHI did in phase 1, that we have already hired them to complete phases 2 & 3. From the first discussions, Tom was straightforward about schedules and provided specifics about the work he would do personally vs subbing out. He shared details about the skills and history of his subs. He provided very detailed pricing information as well as a detailed description of the work that would be completed in each stage of the project, and the materials that would be needed at each stage (he even itemized the quantity of each type of lumber!). I had time to review this information in detail so we could discuss any questions and ensure we were both clear on expectations and deliverables. The entire contracting process was completely transparent so I knew exactly what I would be getting and the price was very fair. We took the time to visit a home being built by SHI and were very impressed with the quality of the construction as well as the craftsmanship in the finish details (wood trim, tile work, t&g ceiling, material selection, etc). We also learned that Tom was a graduate of ECU in the Construction Management program and had years of experience in working with a large local firm before venturing out on his own. We booked SHI to do the first phase of our project. During the following 6 weeks, we were impressed with workmanship, attention to detail, and punctuality of the SHI crews. Each person working at our home was considerate as well as skilled. The crews were thorough in cleaning up afterward (which was impt as we were living in the house during the construction!). Once they broke thru the existing walls, they carefully installed temporary walls, complete with insulation, full plastic wrap over the insulation, and taped all the exposed seams so we didn't feel the cold nor waste heat during January. Tom warned us that there would be some risk of breaking the existing tile as well as ceiling (tongue & grove cedar) when they cut thru to make the new openings. Tom meticulously cut thru those areas and did not have one bit of breakage! (important to us as we didn’t have any extra tiles or ceiling boards to replace any broken ones!) Tom is both creative & highly experienced. Although we had a pretty solid design, he was able to offer suggestions that enhanced our plan and in some cases, saved us $$. Despite unexpected pipes in a wall and appliance specs that weren’t quite accurate, he was able to guide us thru solutions that allowed us to keep our overall plan intact. But the real statement about the level of customer service and conscientiousness of SHI is this part of the story: The day the french door from leading from our breakfast room to the back porch was installed and the temporary walls were removed, my husband was out of town. There was no hardware in the door but I wasn’t too worried. About 8pm that night, I got a knock on the door; it was Tom. He remembered that I had mentioned my husband was travelling (I must have mentioned it in passing…I don’t even remember telling him!) and he realized that I would be alone without locks on that door. He came with 2x10, drill and heavy screws and proceeded to board up the door so I would be safe that night. We are so pleased to have found Structure Homes Inc,! SHI is exactly what you want from a construction company and so rarely get: high quality at a fair price; dependability to complete the job as agreed; ongoing communication and responsiveness throughout the process. We have started phase 2 and are experiencing the same quality and service levels as we received in phase 1. We are confident SHI will help us achieve the vision for our "new" home.
Valerie S Scott
Tom came to do the estimate and was very friendly and professional. He was our third estimate. We got a total of four estimates. We discussed the estimate and the work with Tom two more times and decided we felt most comfortable with him. Both for competitive price and confidence that he knew what we wanted.We met with Tom before the job started. We felt very comfortable with having him do the work.
The work started on time with Tom doing all the preparation framing. My wife has asthma so they were very careful about keeping the dust down. He encase the entire job area in plastic and used large vacums to capture the dust during the work and did extra cleanup at the end of each day.
The drywall hanger was very quick and professional. The drywall finish was excellent, the job needed very little sanding which also helped keep the dust down.. Tom completed the trim work making it look elegant and ensured the wall looked like it was built as part of the original construction and not added on later. The painter worked very well with my wife and spent extra time ensuring the paint was good.
The overall job was very professional and completed on schedule. We were very pleased with the job and services received.
We would happily use him again for any remodeling project we have in the future.
Michael Stephens
The service was exceptional, timely, and they kept great communication during the job. They could not have done any better and worked in total conditions. They were actually done ahead of schedule and provided quality work. It was exceptional quality at a fair price.
Edward Macko
I had used Structure Homes Inc. several years ago to replace a damaged linoleum floor in the kitchen. Their work was so good that when I needed the house to be prepared as a rental I asked them for a bid. They worked with me to get the job within budget, and completed it in the 3 weeks that they were given. The work is the highest quality and they went above and beyond to help me with small things that I couldn't take care of as I live out of state.
Tom is great to work with and is very professional. He returned all phone calls and emails promptly and took the initiative to recommend some improvements that he saw needed to be done that I neglected to ask for.
Bambi Orban
Tom of Structure Homes Inc. designed and built a large screened porch and deck for us. The price quote was comparable to the two other quotes that we got for the job. The porch and deck are beautiful. We used the designer they recommended. Clay (the designer) took our ideas and developed a plan for the project that was beautiful and incorporated great ideas. Clay's thorough design work was very reasonable (about $400) and was well worth it - everyone knew what the finished project would look like. Tom listened to our ideas, worked promptly and professionally, and never raised the contracted price. He was careful at each step of the work, always making sure that we were not just satisfied but happy with the work and its progress. All workers on the job site were polite, professional, and clean. They never left a mess. Tom always kept me up to date about what was happening next and when - no surprises! He made sure that I got just the porch and deck that I wanted. I also asked him to work on many items around the house. They installed a gas cook top, an oven and microwave; they painted, repaired settling cracks, installed weather stripping and dimmer switches, and made minor repairs throughout the house. The house looks better than it has in years - a great investment at a very reasonable price.
I was not looking forward to a project this big - but Tom made it painless. He kept me informed as to the schedule (demolition, framing, flooring, electrical, paint, finish, etc.). He kept to his time line and his price - that did not go up one cent. This team is extremely friendly and professional. I would hire them again in an instant. I would recommend them for any job, big or small. The deck and screened porch are wonderful.
Susan Holmes